Send your clips 😄

Dear contributor ASH!

Soon we will count you among the long-awaited contributors of ASH

Here is the charter of our needs

->Are your images aerial?

Format: stable, broadcast, cut out named calibrated, in prores 422LT or equivalent. 720 or 1080.

-> They are terrestrial?

Traveling about one minute on the capital / surrounding area / large city

Natural areas of your choice (reserve, waterfall, mountain ..)

You are free to provide us with your best plans, but
Our needs go in order to:

1- Modern / contemporary / industrial Africa (medicine, industry, offices, IT, technology, education, innovation, tourism).
Possibly shot with actors, these plans are the most requested.
2- The remarkable architectures
3- The works of art
4- Tales and legends (storyteller under the tree, yes!)
5- Concerts
6- Small crafts (welder, etc., close-up sparkle included)
7- The Nature
8 – The street

As you can see, nature and street come last because they are the easiest to turn –
but if they are of high quality, or if you like them especially do not hesitate!
On the contrary, a plan of a doctor in consultation, or a palace, will have priority.Finally you can provide us with an end-to-end or a compressed musical clip in order to present the best of your work, we will publish it by crediting you

Assignment of rights
The rights transfer is 50% of the rights for the author


Contact us, to send us your clips and your paypal account, and receive the contract.

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  • Receive our informations