Our project

Our project

The availability of images available about Africa is still insufficient, often caricatured. After years of documentary production, aerial photography and audiovisual training in Africa, we decided to inscribe in time a vision of the African heritage .
It was therefore necessary to develop a philosophy that combines a broadcast offer to professionals, and the participation of contributors / cameramen in the field :
The AFRICAN STOCK HERITAGE project was born !

Documenting heritage

Thanks to the rise of the aerial image in particular, we intend to renew the vision as the visibility of the continent of tomorrow, offering a range of images for consultation and sale. Human traditions, landscapes, know-how : heritage is multifaceted and is aimed to all, african diaspora as well as professional media.

Our offer

Build a thematic sales platform that produces, centralizes and classifies its content in a relevant and attractive way for African television channels as well as for international productions.

Produce inspirational content for buyers, through a corporate and human look.

Developing our added value: solicit the eyes of local contributors by training them.

The lack of visibility within the global flow of this future-continent is so…visible ! African Stock Heritage comes up with a visual offer in keeping with reality and life that animate the various countries of Africa.

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