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Valuing a territory and its populations

Stock shots of Africa from the skies

Another vision of Africa to discover thanks to the material we use:

Drone DJI Phantom
Drone DJI Mavic
Drone Parrot Anafi
African landscapes of undeniable beauty!

Africa seen from above in a few clicks

At your fingertips and in all simplicity, the largest stock shot of downloadable videos of aerial and royalty free images of Africa.

Through our aerial video services in Africa we want to promote a territory and its people.

Depending on the categories available you can discover different themes:

Cities and villages of Africa
African wildlife
Local populations

Breathtaking landscapes, but also breathtaking aerial views of Africa through its
 traditions, music, architecture, life scenes and more.

Whether you are film maker, journalist, researcher, editor, artist, our professional 
video stock shot will bring you a solution to each of your research

Our stock on Africa :

It's over 2,500 videos available and downloadable on our online platform.

Our prices range from 29 euros to 139 euros (secure online payment by Paypal)
Our videos are available in the following formats:
- SD 480P (Standard definition - corresponds to the resolution of a DVD movie with a 720 * 480 pixel TV)
- HD 720P (High definition - corresponds to HD display standard in 1280 * 720 pixels)
- HD 1080P (High Definition - corresponds to the HD display standard in 1920 * 1080 pixels)
Aerial videos without rights: we mean by royalty-free, the fact that you can acquire and use our videos without limit in the time, as many times as you wish and this, without having to pay of royalty at African Stock Heritage

The values of African Stock Heritage

African Stock Heritage showcases its achievements from the spectacular angle of aerial quality
 images broadcast, mounted and published.

Each of our productions will magnify your reports, television news, films, clips .....

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For any request of price need of our services, we ask you to use the email 
address for this purpose: contact [at] africanstockheritage.com

Our partners

African Development Bank :  whose primary objective is to make African poverty less sustainable
 by promoting sustainable development and social progress.

Edifice: Created in 1995, it is the first Burkinabe agency of communication and media service

Tenk: V.O.D. Platform author documentaries

Acacia films: Film production in Burkina Faso
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Roads, bridges, slaughterhouses, hotel structures, stadiums, contribute to shaping the territory, to develop the visual and urban space of the countries concerned. These gestures change the country’s heritage in a sustainable way.

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